About Me

Hi! Welcome to NP Clayworks. I’m Natalie Pellegrini, the NP behind the Clayworks.

My story with ceramics started back in September of 2020 when I really needed a creative outlet after deciding to let go of my dreams of being an actor. I’m so glad I made the leap of trusting my gut because a month after that I took my first pottery class. I quickly fell head over heels for it and before I knew it I had dyed my hair pink, quit my bar job and was teaching ceramics.

Along the way NP Clayworks was developed. It was spurred to life by my generous friends who wanted to buy the little clay things I was making. I didn’t realize how much joy I could get out of having these things I created with my hands in my friends houses.

NP Clayworks is all about beautiful, functional art that can fill your home with joy. I try to have things that bring a smile to so many peoples faces. Whether that’s dog parents, goth kids or someone who just likes a fun mug to start their morning.

Im so excited that you’ve made it to the page and I hope you find something here that makes you smile!

- Natalie ❤️


If a piece you were interested in is sold out or if you have any questions please contact us at NPClayworks@gmail.com or on Instagram @np_clayworks.